Friday, February 14, 2014

The Big E is having a sale!

Throughout the month of February, Estes Industries (the Big "E", the godfather of model rocketry) is offering daily specials on its website (Click here to see). Normally there are 4 - 3 launch sets, and the rocket du jour, usually discounted anywhere from 60-70% off list. Yesterday, it was the MIRV; a few days ago, the Photon Probe. So today I fired up the web browser expecting to see another bird discounted, hoping that it would be the Alpha, so I could pick up a few for students. A quick click, and I was there…

But no Alpha…

Try 31 - yes, that's right - 31 rockets and starter sets at deep discounts. Among these were 4 Pro Series II rockets (Estes mid power line), normally priced at $60, now only $25. I was in sticker shock heaven!

But I am an adult, so I must show restraint - no more than $50 could I spend, including the $10 shipping. Still managed to get 5 rockets for under $40.

I am happy.

Ya'll ought to check it out. Good deals on rockets!

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