Friday, October 16, 2020

3 more Generics in the fleet...


New fleet members (Click to enlarge).

I just finished "building" 3 more rockets based on the Generic fin can - the Generic (can you believe I have never built one of these "stock"?), the 1472 Scorpion, and the 2026 Athena. All of these are original kits, though I did have to replace the damaged body tube of the Scorpion, which was crushed in shipping. Not a big deal, as it was necessary to fill and paint the body tubes to get rid of the very visible seams. So these E2X "quick builds" took a bit longer, with all the filling, priming, and multiple coats of paint. The results are seen in the photo above - not too shabby, even considering the peel n' cuss stickers that are used to decorate these models.

Generic motor mount assembly instructions (Click to enlarge).

A quick tip on the Generic - the motor mount slides into the fin unit, and is held in place by a thick cardboard coupler in the front and a small thin cardboard centering ring on the motor tube (which also holds the motor hook in place). This is good enough to keep the mount from sliding back and forth, but there is a fairly wide gap between the motor tube and the inner wall of the fin unit - which makes it easy for the motor tube to be tilted with respect to the rocket centerline. To prevent this, glue a split BT20/50 centering ring even with the rear of the motor tube, which makes a snug fit in the back. Adds a little weight, but the motor tube will be held straight, eliminating off axis thrust.

You can get split BT20/50 centering rings from eRockets here: AR-2050S

Or you could cut them yourself - I'm kinda lazy, so I buy them precut.

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