Thursday, March 27, 2014

Altimeters and flying pigs...

A couple of new products caught my attention this week:

Firstly, there are new versions of the Jolly Logic Altimeters 1 and 2. I love my Altimeter 2, as it is small, lightweight, and easy to use, and John Beans at Jolly Logic has made it even better! The new versions have

  • Better displays, with new explanatory fonts - no more need to carry the manual along!
  • Storage for 100 flights
  • Redesigned case, with a micro USB connector rather than the old style connector on the outside of the case
  • Replaceable battery and LCD

Very nice improvements, and the price stays the same! Of course, I am trembling with anticipation about the upcoming Altimeter 3, which has bluetooth wireless to beam the data sampled along the rocket flight down to my iPhone. How cool is that?

Check out the Jolly Logic page here.

The other item - which I simply HAD to have - is the long-awaited Odd'l Rockets Pigasus. This rocket, shaped like a flying pig, gives new meaning to "When pigs fly", and has been the subject  of many porcine puns since its release a few days ago. Count on this one squirming to the top of the build pile - I can't wait to see it squeal off the pad!

Odd'l Rockets Pigasus (Chris Michielssen)

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