Sunday, June 21, 2020

My "Junk" rocket...

Over a decade ago, Essence's Model Rocket Reviews (EMRR) hosted many rocket contests - you can see a list here. I loved participating in these events, especially one particular contest called the "Box O' Parts." Each contestant was sent a box filled with rocket parts - and some junk - which you had to craft into a flying model. It was a bit of a challenge, and I found it quite fun! As you might expect, my entry was a 4 motor cluster, which I called the Salvage-90. I placed 9th, which was good enough to earn a prize - the SpaceCAD rocket design software.

(Click to enlarge).
Salvage-90 on the pad
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One had to create a fairly detailed write-up for this contest; you could almost say we had to craft a set of instructions. Here's the document I submitted:

(You can also see the web version of this here)

Salvage-90 still resides among the rockets in my fleet. She hasn't flown since March of 2010, so I think I will make a note to fly her at my next launch (whenever that will be). Even if she is composed of some pieces of junk, she is a proud bird.

March 27, 2010 flight of Salvage-90 (single D12)


  1. I remember that contest. I missed it for some reason. It may have been during one of my down periods. I got some great prizes over the years, including the QModeling Rogue. I also donated a PDR Alien Invader as a prize for one.

  2. Not sure why it's showing me as unknown. It's Bill Eichelberger.