Friday, June 26, 2020

Another display tip...

Last Friday, I passed on an obvious tip about how to display rockets that use the Estes screw-on motor retainers. However, these rockets are still in the minority, with most rockets using traditional motor hooks. You can also use the Estes display stands with them, but the motor hook is pushed out of the way and over time it can be permanently deformed so that it no longer closes over the motor. This is not a good thing, so what do you do?

As before, the answer is simple - cut a slot that the motor hook can fit into, which prevents it from bending the "wrong way" and has the additional advantage of locking the model onto the display stand.

CAUTION: Be careful when using hobby knives and other sharp objects! (personal experience here)

What you do is take the stand (before you attach the legs) and use a hobby knife to cut a horizontal slit big enough to accommodate the motor hook. For the "old style" motor hooks that don't have the fancy end that makes it easier on the thumbs, you can use a small flat blade screw driver to widen the slit enough to permit the hook to drop in. Dealing with the newer hooks is a bit more work - you have to use your hobby knife to cut a rectangular hole big enough to fit the "v shaped" end of the motor hook. Usually your first guess will be too small, requiring increasing the size of the hole.

The pictures below illustrate the end result. It's pretty easy to do, but please be careful with the pointy, sharp things!

Slot for old style motor hook
(Click to enlarge).
New style motor hook fitting inside rectangular hole
(Click to enlarge).

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