Friday, August 15, 2014

Awaiting tomorrow...

The night before a launch is always a hectic time - I am scurrying about for several hours doing various stuff. Launch controller, altimeter, and camera batteries need to be charged; rockets need to be chosen for the next day's flights, and then loaded with their parachutes and motors (Don't put in the igniters until just before launch - have to be safe, you know). And then there's the launch pad, camp chair, and sun screen to pack up, along with my range box of motors, igniters, and other odds and ends.

And no matter how much I prepare, I always seem to forget my cap - very stupid, as I have no hair on top of my shiny head. Tomorrow is going to be different though. We have the "Geezer TARC" showdown starting at 10 AM, and I shall be both prepared and properly dressed for the occasion. I have to be, as Duane and Nate have invited practically the entire town to see our fly off. I suppose it is for the best - a victor needs a crowd to applaud his win. Duane thinks it's gonna be him.

But I shall prevail.

The chosen for tomorrow are:

  • Alpha III - loaded with a B6-4, this "expendable" bird will give us a gauge on the wind before we commit our TARC beauties to the wild blue yonder.
  • Bullpup 1 - loaded with 2 D12-5's, this is the rocket on which I am pinning most of my aspirations.
  • Der Eggcracker - armed with a single E20-4W, it is my chance for redemption if the Bullpup does not fare well.
  • Big Bertha - my battered Big Bertha will carry a keychain camera aloft on a C6-3 to get some onboard video. I try to do this every launch with a rocket.

Depending on how the day goes, I may refly one or more of these. The TARC rockets are the priority.

It's going to be an exciting day!

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