Thursday, April 30, 2020

Some launch pics...

Well, 2020 has certainly been challenging so far - issues at work and the COVID-19 pandemic have created some chaos in life. However, there has been time for rockets; got a few launches in before the pandemic broke out and have built a few. The blog has been neglected, though. For some reason, it is the first thing to be put aside. I think it is because writing seems too much like work at times.

Anyway, I figured I'd make the first post of 2020 a small pictorial of launch images of the year to date. So, without further adieu, here they are:

My Estes MAV on the pad (Click to enlarge).... and lifting off on a C6-3 (Click to enlarge).
Duane's upscale Cherokee clears the rail under F42
power (Click to enlarge).
My Centuri Taurus clone gets going on a B6-4
(Click to enlarge).
Jurassic TARC gets ready to launch their rocket
(Click to enlarge).
Ignition of the B6-4 in my Estes Starship Octavius
(Click to enlarge).
The Urban Astronaut's TARC rocket under power. Note
the Blue Origin rocket engine factory across the street
(Click to enlarge).
Allen launches his venerable Estes Mercury Redstone
(Click to enlarge).
The E12 motor in Josh's Estes Blackstar Voyager leaves
a nice cloud of smoke at the pad (Click to enlarge).
Duane's Death Star begins another C6-3 powered
journey. It is always a crowd pleaser when it breaks
apart at ejection (Click to enlarge).
My ASP Corporal on a D12-5 (Click to enlarge).And coming down under parachute (Click to enlarge).
Duane's Leviathan rides the nearly invisible trail of an
Aerotech F52 (Click to enlarge).
The A3-4T mini motor in my Estes Little John starts
smoking (Click to enlarge).
A Mammoth spewing purple flame from its Aerotech
F32 motor (Click to enlarge).
The Mammoth safely descending under parachute
(Click to enlarge).
Duane's Mega Mosquito reaches the top of the rod,
propelled by an Estes D12 (Click to enlarge).
My Centuri MX-774 clone just before liftoff
(Click to enlarge).
Allen's QCC Explorer heads skyward (Click to enlarge)My Rocketarium Viking 7 scale model on 2 B6-4's
(Click to enlarge).
A semi-scale model of Musk's Starship heads up the rod
on an Estes D12 (Click to enlarge).
A Mercury Redstone about to make a soft landing
(Click to enlarge).
Allen's Patriot does a shimmy before going unstable
on a D13 reload (Click to enlarge).
My Estes Starbase Starcruiser makes its maiden
voyage on a B6-4 (Click to enlarge).
2 stage Estes Savage with a C11-0 in the booster and
a B6-4 in the upper stage (Click to enlarge).
The B6-4 in my Quest Thunder emits a burst of flame
at ignition (Click to enlarge).

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