Saturday, June 1, 2019

Goodbye Pegasus!

You can see the construction going on at the former Pegasus field behind the Urban Astronauts, who are holding
their rocket high after completing their TARC qualification flights.
Well, my last post couldn't have been more wrong - Life took a significant downturn starting the first of the year, and I'm only now to the point where I can turn my attention back to my rockets. I did spend time with the local TARC teams this winter and spring - can't shirk my duty as a TARC observer - but my stuff languished on the workbench. Hopefully things are stabilized; I could use a little more fun!

Anyway, we have lost Pegasus field - at least the good western part of it. Construction on the Blue Origin rocket engine factory began in earnest in January, which put an end to all flying there. Some of the TARC teams found another field on the northeast side of Research Park - which is now plowed - while others made do with the smaller field across the road from our former launch site. It was able to accommodate TARC flights - barely - and we didn't loose any rockets to trees. I suppose the good news is that we are still able to fly low/mid power birds in Research Park, but I must confess to missing flying at Pegasus. However, if you are going to loose a field, having a rocket plant built on top of it is a better reason than most.

If only the weather would cool down a bit...

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