Monday, July 30, 2018


It's been a few months since I last flew, and I am feeling a bit restless. Unfortunately, Pegasus field is way overgrown with weeds - won't be cut until fall - and HARA is still awaiting our first launch at our new HPR field, which also won't occur until September or October. So I am kinda out of luck, unless I can locate a free spot of ground for a quick launch fix. In the meantime, I am going to have to content myself with building rockets, in anticipation of returning to flying in a couple of months.

So, what have I been doing?

1) Took advantage of a very rare low humidity weekend to apply paint to the Centuri Stellar Starlifter clone. However, I had trouble with the sky blue Testor's enamel (what else is new?) - the model surface has a sandpaper-like texture, which means sanding and a recoat. After I wait the requisite 3 days, naturally... Did I mention I hate enamels?

2) Applied primer to the Estes Boy Scout Rocket (rebranded Ricochet).

3) Applied the first coat of paint to my 1st Geezer TARC entry, the single motor Reliant. Gloss white is now on, color coats to come when the humidity drops once again. It should have already been finished, but the thought of sanding the primer off that big TARC rocket was enough to send me into a fit of procrastination. Only exceptionally good weather and the beginnings of schedule pressure could induce me into "gittin' er done" so I could move on to the paint. I really do hate sanding.

The Artemis - My 2nd entry for Geezer TARC (Click to enlarge).
4) Started building my 2nd Geezer TARC entry, the Artemis. It's a 4 motor cluster that resembles a Saturn. I had told myself I was not going to fall prey to the Apollo theme of this year's TARC, but in the end it was just too much to resist. I am pretty happy with the design, actually.

The Artemis as of Monday night (Click to enlarge).
5) Built my prototype 1/4A parachute duration rocket for the coming NRC season. I am trying to keep it as light as possible, but in a bout of senility, I primed it just like any of my other models. Duh... Now to sand the primer off, and hope that I can get a finished model well under 10 grams. After I finish this bird, I will move on to designing and building a prototype for B payload altitude.

My 1/4 A Parachute Duration prototype (Click to enlarge).

So still staying busy, but alas, no flying. Gotta find a field somewhere.

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  1. I'm building big birds for the cornfield season, but I've also been getting caught up on long neglected decal projects like the USS Atlantis that you saw, and the Semroc Cherokee D that you didn't. Both date back to the Carl days.