Sunday, November 20, 2016

Recovering from burn out...

This is a short catch-up post - have been fighting a cold for just over a week and am not my usual verbose self.

October was filled with scouts and rocketry - we had scout launch events on 3 Saturdays, which kept me and other HARA members quite busy. Busy enough that I began to feel like my hobby was becoming work. And when the fun stuff is no longer much fun, burn out happens. Adding in a couple of out of town trips over Halloween and the 1st week of November resulted in a perfect equation for not getting much rocket building done. Progress on the Mars Snooper stopped, there was one awaiting finishing on the bench, and I had another two in primer, screaming at me for coats of paint. I just couldn't summon the enthusiasm to move these projects along.

Fortunately, some motivation returned this past week, probably because Pegasus Field has now been mowed, clearing the way for weekend launches. I managed to get my Mini Max out of primer into paint and made some decent headway in building the Mars Snooper. Still not done with the construction - there are lots of pieces, and I am sealing the balsa as I build (can you believe 7 nose cones, plus a transition and fins?), but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I also added the final coat of primer to my Enerjet 2250 down scale. Too much sanding, but things are now moving along.

We also held an inaugural launch for this seasons flying at Pegasus - Duane, Allen (a new HARA member), and I managed to put a few rockets into the air last weekend, and I can tell you that it felt good to actually fly some of my rockets! The four chosen were my Ghost Max (Estes Red Max with Ghostbusters markings from Stickershock 23), my Orange Max (a dual engine Red Max with Halloween decor), the Squirrel Works Vulture, and my Estes Bandit clone.  All the flights were flawless, and my birds came away unscathed; it was a good day to fly!

My Ghost Max looking pretty on the pad (Click to enlarge).
Dual A8-3's power the Orange Max up into the blue sky (Click to enlarge).
Duane's Squirrel Works "Pumpkin Pie" is ready to go (Click to enlarge).
Allen's Patriot emerges from the smoke (Click to enlarge).

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