Thursday, August 27, 2015

Ready to fly!

At long last, after battling with a sprained wrist and stormy weather, my 2016 Geezer TARC rockets are painted, decaled, and ready to fly. The red and white Nemesis is my primary bird for this Saturday's launch - a 4 motor cluster, she is also the heaviest TARC rocket I have ever designed. Fully loaded with eggs, altimeter, and motors (two E12's and two C6's), she weighs in at 620 grams, just 30 grams under the limit. However, Open Rocket tells me I should be able to reach the 850 foot altitude goal with just the two E12's, which gives me a little more margin in weight and reduces the "pucker factor" associated with trying to ignite 4 motors simultaneously. I am still nervous about using the E12's, though - they have a relatively high CATO rate.

My 2016 Geezer TARC rockets (Click to enlarge).
The backup is the old #2. He is pretty conventional, with a standard 29mm motor mount. He is also smaller and about 30 grams lighter than his sister. The limited selection of single use motors means that I am going to have to add about 70 grams of weight to keep from majorly overshooting altitude; otherwise, a F is going to put #2 way, way up there.

The launch begins at 10:30 AM this Saturday - it's going to be interesting!

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