Thursday, October 30, 2014

The list...

The official HARA flying season ends in October... While there may be small personal launches here and there, November through February is what we rocketeers call the "build season", in which one replenishes supplies and gets new and old rockets ready for the start of the flying season in March. High power rocketeers will usually have some big "winter project" - a ginormous vehicle that sucks up many man hours to wow the crowds at the Spring launches. Us low power folks have what we call "The List" - a list of rockets we intend to build and finish over the cold winter months. Every year, I carefully make one of these... And every year, my rocket ADD renders it worthless by December. This time I have sworn to stick to it - which is also the same promise I have made in past years. Hopefully this year will see a breakthrough.

So dear readers, here is "The List" for this winter:

  • Big Bertha - No brainer. No fleet is complete without a Bertha, and mine was put out of commission at the Rocket City Blast Off.
  • Beulah - A Big Bertha derivative, featuring a two motor cluster. Inspired by Chris Michielssen's Big Girtha.
  • S.S. Cestris by Sirius Rocketry - Been wanting to build this kit for some time.
  • Estes Gyroc clone - Always wanted to build one of these "Helicopter recovery" rockets. A classic.
  • SpaceX Falcon 9
  • Estes Scrambler clone - The quintessential egg lofter. never had one of these as a youngster, though I really, really wanted one.
  • Tiny Tim scale model - Have the parts, have the design, time to get this puppy built.

Tiny Tim air to ground rocket (Click to enlarge).

This will keep me busy for a bit. And if I know me, there will be some other rockets built this winter :)

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