Sunday, September 21, 2014

Small stuff...

I'm still working on the Viking 7 scale model - it's in paint, but there are imperfections that need fixin'. Today's wind did not allow for any painting, so I hope to catch a day this week for the final coats. Daylight hours are getting fewer and it will not be long before rocket finishing activities like sealing and painting will be confined to the weekends. I have enough trouble seeing in the day, let alone the dark.

I did manage to complete painting the K-53 Stinger in its all white scheme (can you say bland?), and it is now awaiting decals. The Estes Wizard is finished in the purple and white 1980's decor, with a decal provided by Excelsior Rocketry. I hate the modern look - blue with peel n' cuss stickers. This is definitely one time where older looks better…

Modern Estes Wizard.
My Wizard in the 1980's style (click to enlarge).
Following tradition, I started another rocket yesterday - a clone of the Centuri Nova. Its small rear end gives it a different look, and you can build it for either nose or rear ejection. I went conventional, as I like my parachutes to emerge from the rocket's top, not its bottom. Fins were attached during last night's Star Trek ("The Man Trap"), and it will be ready to have the balsa parts sealed this week. Still debating the paint scheme for this one; I will be happy to entertain any suggestions.

I have had several (6) very small Quest rockets (from their Micro Maxx line) lying around for a while - these tiny puppies use small (6 mm diameter, 1" long) motors to propel themselves 50-200 feet into the air. Designed for backyard flying, many do not even have recovery devices, as they are so light weight they gently fall to the ground. Quest quit offering the rockets (outside of starter sets or bulk packs) a while ago, but they still sell the motors; Jim Flis at Fliskits continues to design and sell some pretty nice Micro Maxx kits for those interested. Anyway, Chris Michielssen (author of the Model Rocket Building blog) posted a new launch set, sans motors, on eBay. The price being right, I snagged it up and it arrived in yesterday's mail. Now all I have to do is to get a few Micro Maxx motors and I will be set for a little flying in my apartment building's parking lot. :)

My Micro-Maxx collection (click to enlarge).


  1. What paints/primers do you use from your rockets? I just found your blog and started reading with this one. You probably have it listed somewhere else that I just haven't gotten to yet.

    Thanks for sharing all your expertise!

  2. I use Krylon Industrial Lacquer spray primers and paints- dries very quickly and is very forgiving, i.e., does not run easily. However, the choice of colors is limited and the finish is not as glossy as some would like. Many rocketeers user the Rustoleum brand primers and paints with great success.

  3. Thank you for the information! Will give them both a try at some point soon

  4. I'm glad to see that you got the MMX launcher and controller!