Friday, April 11, 2014

Launch tomorrow!

Tomorrow my club, HARA, has its monthly launch up at the sod farm in Manchester, Tennessee. Normally, I don't attend; it's a long way up there (2-2 1/2 hours), is usually pretty hot, and the launch lasts several hours, meaning the entire day is gone. I much prefer the couple hour local launches, but they are few and far between (except during TARC season).

However, tomorrow is special… My friends Nate and Duane are going for their level 1 and level 2 high power certifications, and I must be there to cheer them on (Duane did not give me much of a choice, come to think of it). There will also be the launch of a 2 stage, M powered beast built by the Mississippi State USLI rocket team, and who can pass up watching that kind of power? Hundreds of pounds of thrust is nothing to sniff at.

So now it's decision time. What do I fly tomorrow? Can't sit around and do nothing at a launch, you know. Here are my choices for the line up:

My Estes Cloud Hopper clone - First appearing in the 1973 catalog, this flying bunny rabbit is an obvious choice with Easter just around the corner.

The Estes Jet Liner - a recent release, it will make its maiden flight tomorrow. Hope it doesn't crash and burn!

Shrox Bolero - Get ready to eat missile, E.T.!

Estes Nike-X clone - The missile look of this bird made it a favorite, both now and 40 years ago.

Estes Meteor clone - Hey, I'm a meteor guy! This is a natural choice :)

Fliskits Deuce's Wild - 2 motor cluster, canted no less! Can't pass this one up. It will probably carry one of my keychain cameras up into the wild blue yonder tomorrow. Stay tuned for the video...

There will be others (room permitting), but these are the first string for the launch. Weather looks good, so I am hoping for a good day of flying!

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